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Danville Signal has been the leading supplier of general purpose third generation SHARC-based embedded DSP boards since the introduction of our dspstak 21262sx in 2003.

The SHARC DSP has always been a high performance 32 bit fixed and 32/40 bit floating point processor coupled with a large internal memory, a very easy-to-use instruction set and strong peripherals. These features made the SHARC an extremely popular choice for a wide variety of signal processing applications including consumer and professional audio, medical imaging, military, industrial and instrumentation.

The ADSP-21262 was Analog Devices’ first third generation SHARC. This DSP built on the success of the earlier SHARC families and added a number of audio-centric peripherals that were selectable behind a very flexible crossbar switch. You could assign the peripherals you needed in kind of “a la Carte” manner. These features are what make the SHARC a great single chip solution for embedded audio applications. If you were to dissect a modern home theater, high performance car stereo or a professional recording console, chances are extremely good that it would contain a third generation SHARC.

While Analog Devices was focusing in on the audio market, Danville Signal recognized these strengths also work well for general purpose COTS DSP boards. As such, the third generation SHARC is the foundation of our embedded DSP board lines known as the dspstaks and dspbloks.

The latest third generation SHARC is the ADSP-21369. It is clearly the best audio oriented DSP on the market. Its improved feature set also makes it great for other applications as well. Sure it’s a high performance fixed and floating point SIMD DSP, but it is also a very good general-purpose microcontroller. Its peripherals include two UARTs, two SPI interfaces, eight SPORTs, TWI (I2C), PWM, SRCs, and timers. The peripherals are software assigned to 34 pins on the DSP, so that maximum flexibility can be achieved without rigid pin assignments. It also has a full 32-bit wide data bus with support for SDRAM.

Danville Signal has created a whole new line of dspstak and dspblok products based on the ADSP-21369. These include versions with built-in ICE for development as well as low cost production versions. Learn more about our new ADSP-21369 products here.

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