DSP and Engineering Related Web Sites

A portal to several DSP related discussion groups and web access to Comp.DSP. Also provides an exhaustive list of DSP books and a section with DSP related job openings.
DSP Related


The unofficial comp.dsp web site
DSP Guru


DSP Store
DSP Store


DSP Related Web site
DSP Related


GlobalSpec — The Engineering Search Engine
Global Spec Homepage


Audio Engineering Society
AES Homepage


EG3 Homepage


IEEE Signal Processing Society
IEEE SPS Homepage


EETimes - The Industry Source for Engineers & Technical Manager Worldwide
EETimes Homepage


Embedded - Thinking inside the box
Embedded Homepage


DSP Guru


DSP FPGA Homepage

General DSP Books, Dev Tools and Related Web Sites

Here are a variety of DSP tools, resources and DSP-related web sites that you may also find useful.

The Scientist & Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith

Wikipedia Definition of Digital Signal Processing with References and External Links

Digital Signal Processing Tricks at the unofficial Comp.dsp Web Site

"How do I learn DSP?" Tutorial written by Dale Grover et al

Introduction to DSP - A Free Online Course by Bores Signal Processing

Filter Design Tutorial by Scope FIR

Randy's DSP Page with Fixed-Point Arithmetic and Algorithms PDFs and more!


Useful Development Tools

Tera Term Pro (Free Terminal Program)
Download: ttermp23.zip

Programmers File Editor - PFE32 (ver 1.01)
Download: pfe101i.zip

ScopeFIR designs Complex Finite-Impulse Response (FIR) filters using the Parks-McClellan algorithm or windowing.

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