The dspblok™ ad96k family of Audio I/O Modules consists of three audio data converter modules that are functionally identical but support different channel counts.

Each data converter is a sigma delta audio codec that has input PGAs, output attenuators and can sample as high as 96KHz (or 102.4kHz).

Connections are provide using SMA connectors to kept the size small and the signal connections robust. The connectors are located in a cut out area of the ps-uart to keep the vertical profile of a dspblok system very compact.

The ad96k comes in the following versions:

  • ad96k22 - 2 inputs - 2 outputs
  • ad96k42 - 4 inputs - 2 outputs

Purchasing Information

Product VariationsPart Number Qty 1-9Qty 10-24Qty 25-99Qty 100+
dspblok ad96k42  A.08040-42 $200 $175 $150 $125
dspblok ad96k22  A.08040-22 $175 $150 $125 $100

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dspblok ad96k family


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