dspblok™ DSP & FPGA Modules

dspblok 21369 DSP ModuleDanville's dspblok™ DSP & FPGA Function Modules are highly integrated DSP cores that are easy to incorporate into embedded applications. Each dspblok includes a DSP, flash, eeprom and switching power supplies for the core power supply. The dspblok 21369+fpga modules also include an Altera Cyclone III FPGA. You can use the FPGA for algorithm acceleration or I/O expansion.

Danville's dspblok DSP Engines are largely pin compatible. This allows your application to take advantages of new processor technology and extended features in the future. We suggest that you consider our ADSP-214xx based boards for new designs. You may also want to check out our dspblok 527. This DSP module is based on ADI's ADSP-BF527 Blackfin DSP. In addition to its signal processing capability, its great for communications. It includes high speed USB-On-the-Go and Ethernet.

Most dspblok production modules have a companion developer's version, which includes an Analog Devices' EZ-KIT style debugger. These boards are physically larger (60mm x 115mm) to accommodate the debugger but have a matching footprint to our production modules (60mm x 60mm). Once you have developed and debugged your software, you can replace the debugger module (ICE version) with a lower cost, smaller production module.

The dspblok "with ICE" versions include the free Visual DSP++ KIT license and are supported by the FULL version. Depending on the complexity of your application, you may be able to create and support your application without ever needing to purchase additional development tools.

dspblok 21469 with ADSP-21469 Debugger


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