dspstak™ 21262sx DSP board is a high performance digital signal processing engine based on the Analog Devices ADSP-21262 SHARC® DSP. This DSP supports 32 bit fixed point and 32/40 bit floating point formats with SIMD instructions running at up to 200 MHz. This translates to a peak computation rate of 1.2 GFLOPS.

The ADSP-21262 includes six independent serial ports (SPORTs) and a SPI port.

The dspstak™ 21262sx Interconnect Port supports the complete DAI interface, SPI, general I/O, clocks and power connections.

The dspstak™ 21262sx also includes USB and RS-232 ports for easy interfacing to the outside world. It has a JTAG interface to facilitate program development.

Optional Accessories for the dspstak™ 21262sx

dspstak 21262sx SRAM Expansion Board

The dspstak 21262sx SRAM board provides 3 Megabytes of external SRAM for data memory expansion. This memory is useful for creating large delay lines that are commonly needed for room correction, inverse filtering, echo cancellation and reverberation algorithms.

JTAG Adapterdspstak DSP JTAG Adapter

Danville JTAG connectors are smaller than the standard ADI recommended JTAG header. The Danville DSP JTAG Adapter converts the Danville JTAG header used to the Analog Devices JTAG connector standard.

Purchasing Information

Product Variations Part Number
Qty 1-9Qty 10-24Qty 25-99Qty 100+
dspstak 21262sx A.07262H $400 $300 $250 $225
dspstak 21262sx SRAM  A.07270 $100 - - -
JTAG Adapter  A.08153 $25 - - -

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User Manuals

dspstak™ 21262sx User Manual pdf

dspstak™ Family User Manual ( 2.0) pdf

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