Danville Signal has released the latest line of its dspstak™ DSP Engines and I/O Modules—the dspstak 21261zx DSP Engine and the dspstak c96k46 I/O Module.

21261zx_c96k46The dspstak 21261zx combines the power of a SHARC DSP and a Cyclone FPGA. With a supporting cast of SDRAM, Flash, EEProm, SPI, Programmable Clocks, USB and RS-232, the dspstak is great for small and medium-sized production requirements.

Development couldn't be easier, the dspstak 21261zx includes an Analog Devices' EZ-Kit LITE "style" debugger and is supported by Visual DSP++ 4.0.

Joint Project by Analog Devices, Altera and Danville Signal

The ADDS-21261/Cyclone DSP & FPGA Evaluation Platform featuring Danville's new dspstak 21261zx DSP Engine and dspstak c96k46 I/O Module was specifically designed to showcase the advantages of coupling a DSP with an FPGA.

We have a very special promotion with Arrow Electronics, Analog Devices and Altera that allows you to buy a complete dspstak zx development kit for only $199.

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