This summer, Danville Signal Processing will be hosting the first comp.dsp Conference. As many of you may know, the idea of a conference has been discussed in years past. This topic always gets lots of discussion for about 2 weeks and then loses its momentum.

Well this time, I decided to stop trying to get an entire herd of cats to agree on an agenda, dates and a venue. I unilaterally declared myself Chairman of the first comp.dsp Conference and volunteered our facility in Minnesota as the location.

Of course, every dictator needs a Politburo. I managed to corral follow comp.dsp'ers: Rick Lyons, Robert Bristow-Johnson, Eric Jacobsen, Mike Rosing and Jerry Avins as our "Gang of Five". The remaining member of our group is Lori Ann Clark. You probably don't recognize her name as a comp.dsp'er. In addition to being my spouse and business partner, she is also the official "cat herder" of the comp.dsp Conference. Be nice to her, she will be doing most of the work.

So what is the comp.dsp conference about?

The conference is about 3 days of presentations / demonstrations given by comp.dsp'ers ... that means you! In addition to the more formal presentations, this event also is intended to give us time to engage in more casual peer-to-peer discussions.

Very shortly we will be announcing a Call for Presenters to give a lecture or talk on a topic of interest to comp.dsp members. Depending on the number of proposals we receive, these presentations will be held in our offices, outside under the apple trees or whereever we can fit you :-)

Rick Lyons has already agreed to give one or two presentations and Robert Bristow-Johnson is expected to talk about something (not politics, we assure you!).

So mark your calendars today to attend the comp.dsp Conference on July 28th to August 1st, 2004.

Then head on over to comp.dsp Conference Central for current information on presentations, registration, how to get to Cannon Falls, lodging info, optional events for partners / family members and more!

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