Motor Control Platform using Analog Devices Sharc

Danville Signal is partnering with Analog Devices to provide high performance motor control solutions that take advantage of ADI's strong data converter and signal processing portfolio and Danville's extensive expertise in SHARC DSPs, signal conditioning, vibration instrumentation and product development.

The fourth generation SHARC DSP is particularly well suited for high performance motor control applications. Floating point  processing simplifies algorithm development. The architecture of the SHARC is great for very fast, deterministic interrupt processing that is often necessary when managing low latency feedback and servo control.

The latest fourth generation SHARCs, the ADSP-21469 and ADSP-21489 include hardware accelerators for FFT processing. Your motor control system could simultaneously be used for machine monitoring, predictive maintenance or two plane balancing.

Danville's first product introduction will be a reference design the features ADI's ADSP-21489, AD7656-1 six channel simultaneous sampling ADCs and AD7401A Isolated signal delta modulators. The reference design will include software examples including support for MathWorks' MATLAB ®. It also has universal support for industrial communications using HMS's Anybus ® CompactCom modules.

The reference design uses modular construction. It's based on the dspblok 21489sp6 DSP+FPGA Module that combines an Analog Devices' ADSP-21489 SHARC and Xilinx's Spartan 6 FPGA. We have data converter modules that support the AD7656-1 and other ADI PulSAR ADCs. 

You can take Danville's COTS modules to reduce your design risk and speed up time to market or you can use the reference design as a take off point for your own custom design. We also provide design services that can help you with your motor control application.

Danville engineers are available to discuss your motor control application. You can start the process by completing our online Request for Quotation form.




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