Tone Suppression, Noise Reduction and Signal Level Control for Air Traffic Control Applications 

Air Traffic communication systems are large and complex. Occasionally, high level test or signaling tones are inadvertently applied to normal monitoring channels. This can cause severe discomfort and sometimes even permanent hearing loss for air traffic controllers.

Since 1998, Danville Signal has provided our DSP-8200 family of Tone Suppression and Noise Reduction Systems to protect air traffic controllers from damaging tones. The feature set of the DSP-8200 has grown over the years. The newest versions have automatic tone notching, ground to ground tone suppression, AGC, noise reduction and bandpass filtering to improve the quality and safety of air traffic control communications.


Multichannel systems are available for large control room installations and standalone versions are available for placement near the air traffic controller headset.

DSP-8200 products are also useful for other communication applications. For example, the DSP-8200d is being used to detect and mute 1004 Hz signaling tones in a 911 emergency recording system so that only actual emergency conversations are recorded. 

Danville has a large collection of signal processing algorithms. Here are a few application possibilities:DSP-8200s Standalone

  • Tone Notching
  • Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) or Level Conversion
  • Limiters
  • Signal Generation
  • Delay Compensation
  • Signal Detection 

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