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Software development on all DSPs can be a time consuming process. In our view, an in-circuit emulator (ICE) is a very inexpensive tool that always pays for itself very quickly. All ADI SHARC and Blackfin processors have a JTAG port for software debugging. Unless you have a severe space limitation, we suggest you add a JTAG connection to all your hardware designs. Danville DSP boards use ether the standard ADI JTAG 2x7 header or a smaller 2mm 2x8 header for JTAG connections.

If you are using Visual DSP for software development, there are three good choices for emulation:

  • Analog Devices High Performance ICE-2000 JTAG Emulator
  • Analog Devices ICE-1000 JTAG Emulator
  • Analog Devices EZ-KIT Debugger

The ICE-1000 ICE and the ICE-2000 support the entire Blackfin and SHARC processor families. They are both well integrated into Visual DSP++ and CrossCore Embedded Studio. These emulators require a full license to operate (or a test drive license during the first 90 days). You can set breakpoints, modify and examine memory and register locations and single step through programs in an easy non-intrusive manner. 

The primary difference between the two standalone emulators is that the ICE-2000 operates about 10 times faster than the ICE-1000. Unlike the earlier ADI emulators, the ICE-2000 has a replaceable cable. It supports a new smaller JTAG connector and also includes a legacy JTAG adapter. 

21261zx_r_270x145The third method of emulation is with an EZ Kit debugger. Analog Devices provides this debugger on their EZ-KIT Lite evaluation boards as a cost effective method to learn more about their DSP processors. These boards include an evaluation copy of Visual DSP++ that allows you to write and debug DSP applications without necessarily requiring a full featured Visual DSP license and a ICE-2000 or ICE-1000.

The EZ-KITs are great learning tools to get you started, but when you are done writing your application, you still have just an EZ-KIT.

Danville was the first third-party partner licensed to incorporate the EZ-KIT debugger on SHARC based DSP boards. You can find the EZ-KIT Debugger on the ICE versions of many of our dspblok DSP Modules.

From a Visual DSP++ point of view, the dspblok emulates an EZ-KIT. The big difference is that the dspblok is also a production target. You can develop your code using the Visual DSP tool set and then use the same boards for production. We also have versions that omit the debugger for production cost savings.

Learn more about our dspblok™ 21469 Family of DSP Modules with ICE here

Learn more about our dspstak™ 21369 Family of DSP Engines with ICE here.

Danville Signal is an authorized reseller for the Analog Devices Development Tools, including Visual DSP++ 5.1.1, CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES)f and the emulators. You can buy these tools directly from ADI or one of their distributors, but as a smaller company, we would certainly appreciate your business.

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