1.  I see you support a lot of different flash devices, but you don't support mine. Will you?

Danville is continuously adding new devices. If you have a suggestion, send us an email at Chances are very good that we will add it to our list.

2.  We have a very unusual situation. We decode two flag pins to create a chip select (CS#). Can you help us?

Danville can write very specialized drivers for these kinds of situations. Since these solutions are not universal, we evaluate each case individually and then provide custom programs for a reasonable fee.

3.  Does the programmer support JTAG chaining?

Yes it does.  However we only support JTAG devices with 5 bit JTAG instruction registers.  This includes all ADI DSPs, as well as many FPGAs.

4.  Do you support the OTP features of the Blackfin BF54x,  BF52x and BF51x?

Yes, our dspFlash Deluxe version allows you to execute an application prior (or subsequent) to flash programming. This program could be a special test program or could be used to write the OTP.

5.  How are new devices added? Is the programmer upgradeable?

The drivers are included with the dspFlash Windows application. Updated versions are regularly updated. If there is a need to update the firmware in the programmer, this is done through a dspFlash Windows programming application update. 

6.  Do I need to update everytime a new update is released?

Some updates will be more important than others.  If the updates are just adding new devices, then updating will not be necessary.  If there are firmware updates integrated into the update they could produce better performance or enhanced features and in this case updates are strongly recommended.  These updates will be less frequent. Check the readme.txt file included with the Windows install package.

7.  I am using an Atmel AT25F2048A, and you support Atmel AT25F2048, are they the same?

The answer is maybe.  These part differences are usually timing changes, if this is the case you could use the AT25F2048 in place of it.  If it is a difference in the command structure then the substitution would not work.  The best way to figure it out is to check the datasheets of the two parts or send an e-mail to 

8.  I see you have Autostart as a feature but it doesn't seem to work on my board, is the programmer broken?

No, the Autostart will work in most situations.  The exception that will cause it not to work is the old style JTAG connection.  In the Analog Devices application note EE-68, pin 5 of the JTAG connection should be pulled high, if you have grounded pin 5 instead, autostart will not work.  Without the pullup, there is no way for the dspFlash to detect the presence of the target device, and hence autostart won't work properly.

9.  Do I need to Upload everytime I connect a new target?

Not if the configuration is the same.  If the new target is the same as the previous target then reuploading will not be necessary.  The dspFlash programming module will store your file in SDRAM.   If the new target is different from the previous target then reuploading will be necessary to change the driver accordingly.

10.  Do you support 64 bit versions of Windows?

Microsoft is enforcing driver signing with 64 bit Windows versions. At the present time, we do not have 64 bit signed drivers. These will be available in the future for Windows XP & Windows 7.

11.  Why is there an extra JTAG cable included?

We expect that the programming cable will wear out, so we give you an extra one. You can order additional cables (Danville P/N AC.08138).


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