PLEASE NOTE:  This unit is no longer available as of July 2016. Please consider the ADI ICE units as appropriate alternatives. 


Danville's dspFlash™ SHARC & Blackfin Programmer is a production programmer that supports Blackfins and third generation SHARC DSPs. Thousands of DSP - flash memory configurations are supported, all you need is a standard ADI JTAG connection on your target.

Features of the dspFlash Programmer:

  • Support for popular SPI serial & parallel flash devices
  • Support for current and future ADI DSPs: 21161, 2126x, 2136x, 2146x, 2147x, 2148x, and BF504, BF504F, BF506, BF506F, BF51x, BF52x, BF531/2/3, BF534/6/7, BF548, BF561
  • Firmware upgradeable via USB
  • Standalone - Windows application
  • Compatible with the Intel HEX & ADI ldr files.
  • 256Mbit internal buffer, files downloaded once from PC.
  • USB bus powered.
  • Replaceable, inexpensive ribbon cable plugs into latching header.
  • 3.3V, 2.5V & 1.8V logic levels
  • Hot swappable
  • Multiple programmer support - Can program multiple targets at the same time.

How it works .......

The dspFlash programmer is connected via USB to a PC running Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Your target is connected via an inexpensive removable ribbon cable to a standard ADI JTAG connector.

The dspFlash programmer works in concert with the dspFlash Windows software program. You specify the target DSP, flash device, chip select, file format and data files. The dspFlash supports batch programmng of multiple files. For example, you might include a bootable application loader file, an FPGA configuration file, some application data files and manufacturing information like serial numbers or date stamps. Serial numbers can be auto incremented. You can save the configuration for later recall.

The dspFlash Windows program supports multiple dspFlash programmers operating at the same time. This allows one operator to program multiple boards concurrently.

Files are uploaded to each dspFlash programmer's internal SDRAM. Since the data now resides in the dspFlash programmer, it doesn't need to be downloaded each time when programming multiple devices. You are now ready to start programming.

You connect the programming cable to a powered target. The programmer automatically configures its I/O to the correct voltage of the target. Press "Write File" and the DSP writes its own flash. It doesn't rely on bit-banging via boundary scan. This would be possible but very slow. The programmer is fast, much faster than even an ADI HP-USB ICE and the VisualDSP++ flash programming utility. You can also write supplemental information. For example, you might want to add a serial number or calibration values.

The dspFlash Windows application is frequently updated to support new DSPs and flash devices. The updates are free. If your configuration is not currently supported, drop us an email and we may be able to add it.

The dspFlash Deluxe can also load and execute DSP programs independently of flash programming. For example, you might write a test program that checks out the functionality of your target board. Our "C" style query language allows you to interactively communicate with the target. You can also use this feature to program the OTP features of the latest Blackfins such as the BF-548 and BF-527. 

 Screenshot of dspFlash Windows Application

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dspFlash Programmer

Datasheets / User Manuals

dspFlash Datasheetpdf

dspFlash Programmer User Manual   pdf 

Supported DSP and Flash List

dspFlash Supported Flash List for Rev 2.60.60pdf (Updated August 2014)

Latest Release & Drivers

dspFlash Windows Application Rev 2.60.60 (zip)

The dspFlash Windows application also works in demo mode without a dspFlash Programmer.  (Updated August 2014)

So take a test drive!

dspFlash FAQs

Read the dspFlash FAQs Here

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