At the end of the conference, we handed out a survey to gauge how to improve the conference in the future and to solicit ideas for a 2005 COMP.DSP Conference. For each question, we asked what they would change to improve it.

Here are the questions and the responses we've received:

1) The Conference in General:

  • Better control / mediation of schedule. Use a timer between breaks / talks to help keep on schedule.
  • Have a "demo day" where people can demonstrate real-life things they've worked on.
  • Nothing.
  • Excellent material. Good fun. Great socializing.
  • Good overview of different methods & applications presented by experts familiar with the techniques.
  • Most Excellent.
  • Very good idea, good presentations, and should continue.
  • Excellent. Very right conference for me.
  • Nothing to complain about! Pretty much the best conference I've ever been to since I got to hear every talk and meet every attendee.

2) The promotion, website, fees, exposure to prospects:

  • Nothing.
  • Should advertise in magazines if more people are wanted. Website OK; fees OK.
  • Price was too low to miss.
  • No problems.
  • Let's promote in places other than comp.dsp.
  • The fee is reasonable.

3) The Meals and Food (Wed eve, lunches, snacks, dinners):

  • They were excellent; eat earlier (supper) if possible.
  • Maybe more low-carb-conscious.
  • Excellent (2), great, very good (2).

4) The Presentations, Seating, Handouts, etc.:

  • All were good.
  • Great!, Very good (3), Excellent.
  • Great, but may want to incorporate breaks into schedule.

5) What are your ideas on attracting more attendees:

  • Advertise. Choose a larger city as a venue.
  • Contact Vendor FAEs and have them mail your conference info to their customers.
  • Wider distribution of notices.
  • More publicity outside comp.dsp
  • Through IEEE local Chapters. IEEE HQ'ers do not allow any fliers, but we can contact local DSP chapters.. Making the conference name more formal may also help.

6) Should the conference presentations be tailored to introduce more people to DSP (more intorductory level presentations in addition to advanced)?

  • I think mixed may be better; e.g. intro and in-depth
  • If possible, more than one track. One for intro to DSP and one for advanced concepts, tutorials/ theory & research
  • About right.
  • May want to have "focus"days. First day beginner. Final day most complex?
  • Only if more than one track could be supported.
  • No.
  • I think a mix of technical levels within the presentations will help, but I'm not sure if beginners and hobbyists have the money/time to go to a conference.

7) Do you have ideas for a possible venue for 2005?

  • Ericsson / Sony Ericsson
  • Any big city in US
  • East coast, west coast, New Orleans, Orlando

8) Would you attend again in 2005?

  • Yes, if I can get to it. I can't afford to fly anywhere.
  • Yes (5)
  • Probably not, but 2006 would be good.
  • Yes, depending on the location.

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