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This section will be expanded to include program updates, new example files, bug fixes, etc. If you have code examples you would like to contribute, please send an email to dsp@danvillesignal.com.

dspFlash Programmer Installer:

This zip file contains an executable that will install the necessary device drivers, libraries and the Windows application supporting the dspFlash programmer. The zip file is 3.2 MB.

The current version was released November 3rd, 2011.

What's New in 2.0: Version 2.0 brings loads of improvements and upgrades.  We have retooled the application under the hood and eliminated the dependence on the Microsoft .NET framework.  We have also added support for programming multiple loader files in a single pass, and for using multiple programmers at once.  We have also added the ability to execute test programs and interact with them using the dspFlash but this function is only available in the deluxe version.  With the deluxe version you can also program the OTP of the BF54x/BF527 families using the test program functionality.

What's New in 2.26.15:  Includes new drivers for BF-504, BF-504F, BF-506 and BF-506F targets.We also fixed the internal SDRAM test, corrected the controls for multiple programming and removed a bug in the automatic programming feature.

Download:  dspFlash_Suite_2.26.15.zip

dspstak™ 21369 Updates:


dspstak™ zx Updates: (Includes ADDS-21261/Cyclone Code):

  • Version 1.0
    Version 1.01
    • These versions have a mistake with the sdram refresh. Sometimes refresh will collide with a sdram read or write command.
  • Version 1.02
  • Version 1.03
    • This version includes library functions and an example for reading and writing flash and EE memory.
      Download: adds21261_103.zip
  • Version 1.04
  • FPGA Code Correction
    • SPI Registers 1 & 4 were swapped in the original version. This affects all zx boards shipped prior to 21 Oct 05. These registers were not used in any of the sample code or basic functions of the zx platform. Most customers will not be affected.
    • Download: zx_fpga_v1_1.zip

dspstak™ sx Updates:

  • Version 1.18
    • In May, 2005 we started shipping a revised version of the dspstak 21262sx. The new board is largely compatible with the original version. You can download the new dspstak 21262sx User Manual to review the changes. Version 1.18 of the sample code is compatible with all versions of the dspstak 21262sx
    • Download: dspstak_21262sx_user_manual_ver200.pdf
      Download: dspstak_sx_software_1_18.zip

  • Version 2.01
    • Version 2 takes advantage of the new extended features of the dspstak sx platform. It is not compatible with the original dspstak 21262sx. Version 2 code is similar to the dspstak zx.
    • Download: dspstak_sx_v2_01.zip

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