The dspblok™ 21489 is a highly integrated DSP module that incorporates an Analog Devices’ ADSP-21489 SHARC DSP operating at 400 MHz, flash, EEProm and a switching power supply to support the core voltage requirements. All the connections are brought out to standard 2mm dual row header footprints. The board is only 60mm x 60mm (2.36" x 2.36").

The dspblok 21489 also includes a high speed USB transceiver. You can use the USB to upload DSP code via Danville's dspBootloader™.

The dspblok 21489 is a low cost version of our fourth generation SHARC based products. It is compatible with the dspblok 21469. It is also the driver of our dspstak 21489. The dspblok 21489 is also supported by a family of dspblok power supplies, data converter modules and digital I/O modules.

Development couldn't be easier. You can connect to an Analog Devices ICE using a Danville JTAG Adapter. Analog Devices has two development packages available: CrossCore Embedded Studio or Visual DSP++.

We are an authorized reseller of Analog Devices Visual DSP++, CrossCore Embedded Studio and In-Circuit Emulators (ICE). These are the tools we use to develop our software. Our engineers can help you decide which tools will best fit your needs.

If you are starting a new project or designing your own target, you may want to use the dspblok Development Board. This board is convenient as a starting place to connect other development boards (data converters and I/O). It includes a power supply and computer connections to get you started.


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dspblok 21489
P/N: A.08489D
$250 $200 $160 $125 $110 $100
dspblok Dev Board
P/N: A.08102B
JTAG Adapter
P/N: A.08153



This product also has volume pricing at higher quantities. Please contact us for more details.

dspblok 21489 DSP Module

Datasheets / User Manuals

dspblok 21489 User Manual

dspblok Designing for Compatibility   

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