• Up to 384 kHz sample rate
  • S/N in excess of 120 dBA
  • Balanced/Unbalanced I/O
  • USB Audio Class 2
  • Analog Devices SHARC DSP
  • Low phase jitter clocks
  • AKM DACs
  • Optional analog input module
  • Optional custom configurations

The dspMusik™ 2/8 is a stereo in, eight out multichannel DAC platform suitable for high performance DSP loudspeaker crossovers, music decoders and many other high quality audio algorithm applications. An LCD/Encoder provides source selection, volume control and access to special features. You can also use an Apple Remote for control.

Semi-customizable, Professional Audio Converter Platform

The dspMusik 2/8 platform delivers audiophile performance, featuring state-of-the-art components from Analog Devices, XMOS and AKM. Each part has been carefully selected to build a precisely integrated system.

The dspMusik starts by using low phase jitter clocks driving all the data converters. The optional ADC incorporates very high common mode rejection / low noise balanced inputs and DACs with minimum phase anti-imaging filters (desirable to avoid pre-echo effects). Signals are processed by an audio-optimized 32-bit/40-bit floating point DSP capable of up to 384 kHz performance.

Audio Weaver Programming Software

The dspMusik 2/8 is supported by a custom version of DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver™ programming software. This is a powerful graphical design package that lets you create your signal processing chain by simply dragging and dropping highly optimized audio processing modules. You can use any of the dozens of pre-built audio functions—EQs, crossovers, mixers etc—or enhance and combine them with your own custom processing to create precisely the functions you need. Once the design is done, the file can be directly saved and run stand-alone on the dspMusik platform.

  • PC-Based Development Environment
  • Drag and Drop Signal Processing
  • Over 400 processing Modules
  • Real Time Tuning and Profiling
  • Visit www.dspconcepts.com for more info

Audio Weaver Software Screen Shot


OEM/ODM Customers

The dspMusik 2/8 platform is available in a variety of configurations including PCB assemblies where you provide your own housing, or it can be provided in an extruded aluminum enclosure. Panels can be rebranded with your company’s logos and trademarks to fit your company’s specific requirements and branding. Danville also provides customized display software that includes your company and product name as well as access to special features that may be part of your system design. Contact us to discuss your project needs.


dspMusik 2/8 features:


  Analog Devices SHARC ADSP-21469 or  
  Analog Devices SHARC ADSP-21489


   USB Audio Class 2: XMOS 
   SPDIF Digital Input
   Optional Analog Input Module:
       ADC: AKM AK5397 (S/N > 120 dBA)

   DACs: AKM AK4495 (S/N > 120 dBA)
Configurable Input / Output:
   Balanced or unbalanced circuits
   Consumer (-10dBV) or Pro (+4dBu) levels
   Standard 6.3mm TRS connectors
   Optional Tascam style DB-25 connections
Operating System Support:
   Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 &10 (included)
   Apple OS X (native support)
Input Power (Complete Version)
   IEC Mains Connector
   Autoswitching 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz


dspMusik 2/8 Options

dspMusik 2/8 Complete

Includes ADC, UAC2, S/PDIF & Display/Encoder powered by dspblok 21469uac2
P/N: A.03708E-469-AD-DE

Includes ADC, UAC2, S/PDIF & Display/Encoder powered by dspblok 21489uac2
P/N: A.03708E-489-AD-DE 

OEM/ODM Options:

There are many OEM/ODM options including individual board assemblies, power supply adapters for Pascal & Hypex power amplifiers, 16 channel expansion cappability and alternative dspblok modules with OEM/ODM quantity pricing.

Contact Danville for available options.



dspMusik 2/8 Multichannel DAC


dspMusik 2/8 Interior View 

Download the dspMusik 2/8 Multichannel DAC Platform Datasheet


Download the dspMusik 2/8 User Manual  



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