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We take the complexity out of designing sophisticated products.  Today's DSPs and other state-of-the-art components are extrememly powerful, but they come at a price: they are often extremely difficult to design onto a board.  Complex routing, signal integrity issues, controlled impedances, BGAs, multiple layer I/O paths, etc., all combine to make the utilization of the features of powerful chips challenging. We have significant experience with designing complex, multi-layer processing boards, so all you have to worry about is integration.

Founded in 1998, we manufacture and assemble products in our automated factory outside of Minneapolis, MN, USA.  We are proud members of the WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio) Association, ALMA and NAMM.

We work hard to develop long-term relationships with our customers and appreciate the opportunity to develop a mutually satisfying partnership with you as well.  Give us a call, let's start a conversation about how Danville can provide the platform for your next design.

 See the Snowbird™ Audio Module LIVE at the NAMM ShowNAMM2016 color

A high-performance programmable DSP hardware and software platform, designed to let you easily incorporate sophisticated audio DSP features into any product (stomp boxes, amplifiers, keyboards, mixers, Eurorack designs). The Snowbird™ Audio Module is for all audio product designers - from experienced digital designers to die-hard analog experts considering a digital solution.

The Snowbird™ Audio website is now live.  Please visit www.snowbirdaudio.com for all things Snowbird™!


Team Members Attending the NAMM Show 2018

       Al Clark can be reached at aclark@danvillesignal.com                                                    

Downloadable Press Kit:

      The Danville Signal Advantage PDF

      Datasheet:  dspMusik PDF

      Datasheet:  dspSoM 589 PDF

      Datasheet:  Snowbird Audio Module PDF

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