The dspstak™ Instrument Family


The dspstak™ Instrument is a general DSP instrument offering two audio channels, digital I/O and an RS-232 and USB interface. It is well suited for small quality control systems and test cells, automatic level controls, audio limiters, signal splitters and test generators.

The dspstak™ Instrument digitizes two channels of audio, executes DSP algorithms (filtering, signal generation, detection, etc.), and converts the signal back to audio. In addition, the RS-232 and/or USB interface is provided for control, detection and reprogramming the DSP-9600.


The two audio channels can be configured as either 600 Ohm balanced or signal ended circuits. Digital I/O and an audible alarm are also available for test cell or monitoring applications.


An example of a dspstak™ Instrument application (in a 218x chip version) is our DSP-8410 Automatic Level Control for Music. Retail stores often wish to provide background music through their PA systems. A CD changer could be used to provide the source material but there is a catch: Music levels can vary as much as 15dB from track to track and certainly from CD to CD. The DSP-8410 automatically adjusts the level so that each song is played at the same volume.

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The dspInstrument Family

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The dspInstrument family is a collection of semi-custom instruments that can be tailored for the specific needs of your audio interfacing & signal processing applications or acoustic & vibration measurement systems. While the dspInstrument is primarily targeted for these applications, they are well suited for many small quality control systems and test cells, audio signal processing, signal conditioning, and test generators.


A majority of dspInstruments start from a specific customer requirement. However, Danville Signal has many pretested circuits and existing PCB layouts, all of which fit into a standardized enclosure. Building on pre-existing hardware and software allows us to facilitate the design process quickly and efficiently. In essence, Danville Signal can create a dspInstrument to meet your specific needs, but without the cost of a full custom design, and in a much shorter time-frame.


Below are just a few examples of existing dspInstrument products; to get a better idea of some of the additional possibilites, please refer to the following documents:



Danville Signal also produces a variety of standard dspInstument products that are available in any quantitiy. Most of these instruments include:


  • Two audio channels
  • Digital I/O
  • USB interface

Danville engineers are available to discuss your semi-custom and standard dspInstrument requirements.
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dspInstrument spDAQ

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  • Acoustics Vibration Measurements
  • 2 Channel IEPE/Voltage Inputs
  • USB 3.0 Interface using USB Audio Class 2 interface
  • Digital I/O: 3 input, 3 output, optically isolated
  • P/N A.06043C






dspInstrument UWA

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  • Underwater Acoustics
  • Optional GPS
  • USB Control Interface
  • SMA Connections
  • >100dB Dynamic Range


































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