Part-Time Bookkeeping Position

Danville Signal is hiring!

Are you proud of your ability to keep the finances of a busy manufacturing company organized? Do you enjoy solving a lot of different tasks on a given day? Ready to bring your skills to a local company that could use someone to take charge?

Danville Signal is an electronics manufacturing company located in Cannon Falls that specializes in building solutions for audio applications using digital signal processing or DSP. One of our high-end audio solution examples of digital signal processing is a DSP crossover, an electronic board used in manufacturing recording studio monitors. These monitors are used by some of the famous musicians and artists you know by name. We do most of our work in high-end audio, but we also build solutions for air traffic control, acoustics, vibration and other signal processing applications. It sounds cool (and we think it is), but at the core of it all is a simple, embedded electronics board. And that's what we build.

We are looking for a bookkeeper to join our team. We envision this position starting at 20 to 25 hours per week, but honestly there is a lot of room for growth here. We can see the potential for it to grow to more hours or stay static to meet your availability. We also have the flexibility for you to have control over your schedule. As long as tasks are completed in a timely manner, we are flexible with the days and times that you will come to work as long as you are consistently reaching the targeted hours and production for the week. We know that we can teach you to do the work we need to accomplish on any given week. The question is more if you would be challenged by and enjoy working in the front office of a manufacturing company. We run our business on the flexibility model; so that means everyone steps up to do what needs to be done to meet our production goals. It's about serving our customers while also creating a solid working environment for our team members too. We partner across the board to create a win-win situation for all of us.

You would enjoy this position if you like a lot of variety in your daily tasks. We have receivables, payables and inventory to manage, build, track, bill and receive. Given the current purchasing challenges, we are also tracking all of our outstanding POs with our vendors carefully, to ensure parts are in-house to keep our SMT line up and running. Shipments are coordinated with our customers to arrive as needed. Our products also ship internationally, so we also may have export docs to file. We use the AccountEdge software program, which is similar to QuickBooks but with better inventory management capabilities. Being comfortable on a computer is key to this job. Being comfortable with change, learning new things, and being willing to try even as you make mistakes (and we all do), are also good traits to have and will help make this work fun for you.

We offer competitive pay and pride ourselves in having an upbeat, casual work environment. We have a great team of hard-working individuals who will help in giving you the resources you need to succeed in your role.

Tasks might include:

  • Entering payable invoices from our vendors
  • Creating and/or editing parts lists in accounting for our products
  • Completing Inventory builds as production is completed
  • Creating invoices to ship product based off customer POs
  • Receiving and processing incoming POs from our customers
  • Other general front office activities

We hire to these core values:

  • Initiative: The ability to assess and initiate action independently.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to new conditions.
  • Flexibility: The willingness to change or compromise.
  • Taking Responsibility: The state of being responsible, answerable or accountable for something within one’s power or control. We own our successes and mistakes.
  • Treating People as Adults: Trusting people to complete assigned tasks in the best way.
  • Strong Work Ethic: Believing in the value of a job well done and stepping up

We believe in fair compensation and offer a flexible, casual work environment. If the work above looks like something you would enjoy and the environment feels like a place where you could learn, grow and thrive, we hope you'll apply.

To be considered for this position, please submit a resume with your email to the attention of Lori Ann Clark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In your email, please share with us which of our core values is most important to you and why. Applications will be accepted until filled. We do intend to start interviews with candidates immediately, as we hope to bring our new hire on board as soon as possible