The Snowbird family of Danville’s dspCrossover products are primarily intended for manufacturers of powered loudspeaker applications such as professional studio monitors and high end consumer audio systems.

Danville has a reputation for great sounding DSP crossovers. Obviously, this starts with great parts. The Snowbird uses an Analog Devices’ floating point SHARC DSP as the processor. SHARC DSPs are the gold standard for high performance audio processing. The DAC & ADC functions are provided by an AKM Velvet Sound codec operating at 192kHz. The Velvet Sound data converters are recognized as the best in the industry by many audio pundits.

Even though the Snowbird family DSP Crossovers have high performance expectations, they are priced competitively when compared against other DSP crossover solutions that rely on highly integrated, but lower performance parts. Danville has its own automated SMT manufacturing line in the United States, that helps us keep costs down and flexibility high.

Snowbird DSP Crossovers are dependent on a mating power amplifier for its power. We currently have support for amplifiers from Pascal, Hypex, ICEpower and Powersoft. Each of these amplifiers have their own specific interfacing requirements. Danville has mating adapters that convert these requirements to the DSP board so that cabling is straightforward and control features such as mute, standby and fault protection are addressed.

There are many different Snowbird configurations. The basic feature list for the models described in this manual is as follows:

• Analog Audio Inputs (1 or 2 channels, Balanced XLR)
• Amplifier Outputs (2 or 4 channels)
• S/PDIF Input and buffered S/PDIF retransmitted Output (optional)
• USB Control Port for programming and field updates.
• Toggle Switches for user defined controls

Once we understand your specific requirements, we provide the configuration that makes sense for your target. This works well since we only provide these crossovers to OEM customers. This would be very impractical for a DIY customer base.


The Snowbird DSP Crossover comes pre-installed with DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver. Danville has a licensing agreement that allows you to design and distribute your product without buying additional tools or licensing. All you need is a Windows computer.

Audio Weaver is a graphical design program that includes hundreds of optimized modules. Systems are designed in a drag and drop fashion to create signal flow. Audio Weaver runs natively on the SHARC DSP with optimized production quality modules. You design the signal processing system without the need for custom programming. Once you have your layout, you can adjust parameters in real time. For example, you can create a crossover design, make some measurements and listening tests, and then adjust parameters to fine tune the system without interruption of the test source or music.

One of the features we really think is important is that Audio Weaver includes a complete set of high performance filter modules. The precision of these modules is extremely important when creating filters with high Qs and low frequency corners, a.k.a woofer adjustments. There can be a 60dB signal to noise difference between an ordinary filter and the special high performance filters built into Audio Weaver.

DSP Crossover design might seem a bit daunting at first. As part of our support program, we will help you get started by providing live training via Skype. We will also discuss signal flow architectures choices such as IIR versus FIR, bandsplitting options (Butterworth versus Linkwitz-Riley) and other useful features. After all, we want your loudspeaker to sell well. We sell a crossover every time you sell a loudspeaker.


2017 ALMA Presentation

DSP Crossover Implementation and Design - by Al Clark and Paul Beckmann


Snowbird Manual available upon request.

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