Legacy Products

We continue to provide customer support for our earlier dspblok™ and dspstak™ boards, If you are developing a new design, we suggest migrating to our most newer dspblok DSP modules. These are based the fourth generation Analog Devices ADSP-214xx family of SHARC DSPs.

Our Legacy boards are still available as special order only. Generally, we need to procure some of the parts and set up our manufacturing line, so minimum quantities of 25 generally apply. Please contact us if you have a need for one of these earlier products. If you do not see your product listed, contact us and we still may be able to help. Danville is over 20 years old so not everything will always be available, but we try.

dspblok Engines

Danville no longer manufactures 3rd generation SHARC DSP modules. The 4th generation modules are usually easy to adapt with minimal code changes.


  • dspblok 21369cy25
  • dspblok 21369zx
  • dspblok 527
  • Various JTAG Adapters
  • Other options availble on request

dspblok I/O


  • dspblok a9238
  • dspblok a9248
  • dspblok ad96k44
  • dspblok ad96k24

dspstak Engines & I/O Modules

The dspstak product line has largely been replaced by more application specifc products. In most cases, we can reproduce and of the original boards assuming parts are available. The DSP engines are generally replacable with a dspstak 214xx version with minimal changes. This is almost always more practical than trying to use an earlier 2nd or 3rd generation board.

DSP Engines:

  • dspstak 21262sx
  • dspstak 21369zx
  • dspstak 21369cy25
  • dspstak 21479
  • dspstak 21489
  • dspstak 21469

I/O Modules:

  • dspstak c192k48
  • dspstak c96k44
  • dspstak c192k22
  • dspstak Digital I/O
  • dspstak a9248