All delivery times offered by Danville Signal are to be treated as best estimates and no penalty can be accepted for non compliance with them. The standard estimation of delivery terms is the delivery schedule quoted or 4 weeks or less from acceptance of order or resolution of any technical issues, whichever is the later.

RoHS compliance requirements need to be indicated at the time of quote acceptance (if not earlier). We require documentation on file for those customers who are excempt from RoHS requirements prior to shipment. In addition, customs requirements necessitate an End User Statement to be provided for any international order requiring a SED (Shipper's Export Declaration) form to be filed.

Delivery shall be made by Danville Signal using a courier service of its choice, which is typically UPS, DHL, or US Postal Service. Our courier of choice is UPS. If requested at the time of ordering an alternative delivery service can be used. Account information must be provided with the order so that the delivery can be setup with the delivery service and billed directly to the buyer.

The cost of the shipping, handling and insurance will be added to the invoice issued. If multiple shipments are requested by the buyer, multiple delivery charges will be made. In the case of multiple deliveries, each delivery will be billed on a separate invoice.


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