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As 2021 comes to an end, an exciting part of the year for the streaming audio community is the recap playlists that streaming services provide to us! With top tracks, artists, and genres listed for each member, it's a fun time to look back at some of our team's top picks for the year in music streaming. Take a look at some of the top picks from a few of our team members' playlists. 

A Look at Our Team's Top Music Picks for 2021!

If you are on social media and have friends in the audio community, your timeline has likely been flooded with Spotify Wrapped graphics in the past week. Apple Music might have won the "Streaming Wars" in the past year (More on that here), but Spotify Wrapped has been a great tool since it was launched in 2016. A crisp, clean, and highly shareable graphic lets each user review their top artists, projects, and songs from the past year, and has become both a conversation starter for listeners as well as a great marketing tool for artists to show gratitude to listeners at the end of the year. 

Of course, Apple Music has since deployed a similar year-end wrap-up on listening habits, but it's nowhere near as interactive as the Spotify interface. Since most of our team members use different streaming services (and sometimes, different mediums altogether), we figured we would have some fun, make a few graphics and show off what we've been listening to the most in 2021. Read on below to take a look at some of our picks! we also dropped some links to listen to these projects if you see one that looks interesting. 

Cheers, and we wish you happy listening in 2022!