Sound & Vibration Instruments

Danville makes a variety of Sound and Vibration instruments. Most of these are custom products that we designed and manufacture for a specific customer. One outcome of this product development is that we now have a large knowledge base that allows us to design new products with much less risk and effort than if we were starting from scratch. We took this one step further with the dspInstrument™ product family.

Our S&V Instrument family is a collection of semi-custom instruments that can be tailored for the specific needs of your audio interfacing & signal processing applications or acoustic & vibration measurement systems. While these measurement instruments are primarily targeted for these applications, they are well suited for many small quality control systems and test cells, audio signal processing, signal conditioning, and test generators.

A majority of S&V Instruments start from a specific customer requirement. However, Danville Signal has many pretested circuits and existing PCB layouts, all of which fit into a standardized enclosure. Building on pre-existing hardware and software allows us to facilitate the design process quickly and efficiently. In essence, Danville Signal can create a S&V Instrument to meet your specific needs without the cost of a full custom design, and in a much shorter time-frame.

You can get some dspInstrument application ideas from dspinstrument Example Front and Back Panels

Sometimes, an S&V Instrument product has enough of a broad market appeal that we offer a standard commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product.  The spDAQ is a great example. It is a two-channel, USB-powered front end for sound & vibration measurements.  Another example is our SV4 instrument. This is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) 4-channel sound and vibration analyzer that can be used both remotely and as a standalone analyzer.

Danville engineers are available to discuss your semi-custom and standard S&V instrument requirements. Want to learn more? Let's start a conversation.