dspblok 21565-ETH - Analog Devices ADSP-21565 Ethernet SHARC DSP Module

The dspblok™ 21565+Ethernet is a highly integrated DSP module that incorporates an Analog Devices’ ADSP-21565 SHARC DSP operating at 1 GHz, flash, EEProm, and a switching power supply to support the core voltage requirements. All the connections are brought out to standard 2mm dual row header footprints. The board is only 60mm x 60mm (2.36" x 2.36").

The dspblok 21565+Ethernet includes a WIZnet W5100 Ethernet transceiver operating at 100Mb/s. Each module has a unique MAC address preassigned. The transceiver manages the TCP/IP stack so that the DSP is largely unburdened. You just add magnetics and a connector. Since the magnetics are external, you can also create Power over Ethernet (POE) targets for smart sensor applications.

The dspblok 21565+Ethernet also includes a USB transceiver. You can use the USB to upload DSP code via Danville's dspBootloader™.

The dspblok 21565+Ethernet is a specialized version of our fifth generation SHARC based products. It is a superset of the dspblok 21565. Development couldn't be easier. You can connect to an Analog Devices ICE and write your code using Analog Devices CrossCore Embedded Studio. If you are starting a new project or designing your own target, you may want to use the dspblok Development Board. This board is convenient as a starting place to connect other development boards (data converters and I/O). It includes a power supply and computer connections to get you started.


Key Components:

  • Analog Devices ADSP-21565
  • Atmel ATmega32U4
  • Winbond W25Q32 32Mb Serial Flash
  • Microchip 25AA02E48 Serial EEProm with MAC
  • WIZnet W5100S-L

Exposed I/O (3.3V):

  • DAI0 8-DAI0 1, DAI0 19, DAI0 20 
    DAI1 8-DAI1 1, DAI1 19, DAI1 20
  • SPI Master, 
    SPI (Master or Slave) or UART
    I2C or UART 
  • 32U4 I/O including ADCs, GPIO, I2C, UART
  • JTAG


  • 60mm x 60mm
  • Height: 4mm above PCB, 2mm + 4.3mm (mating header) below PCB
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm


  • Dual Row 2mm Headers
  • 10 pin 2x5 ADI JTAG

Power Requirements:

  • 3.3V-600mA, Largely dependent on core clock and computational load.


Additional Resources pdf

dspblok 21565-ETH Step File

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dspblok 21565-ETH

Dev Board


1 GHz

Power Supply & Breakout Connectors

Part Number:

P/N: A.08565A-ETH

P/N: A.08102