dspblok io-rtc - I/O & Real Time Clock Module

The dspblok io-rtc is a combination general-purpose I/IO expander and an accurate real-time clock board. There are eight general-purpose inputs with 3.3v and ground connections provided.  There are also four onboard LEDs with the ability to connect externally.

In conjunction with a dspblok 21469 and a dspblok 96k4x data converter, it is part of a small dspblok mini stack with a footprint of 60mm x 60mm. 


Key Components:

  • Maxim DS3234S RTC
  • Battery - Type 2032


  • 60mm x 60mm
  • Height: 4mm above PCB, 5.3mm + 4.3mm (mating header) below PCB
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm


  • Dual Row 2mm Headers
  • Molex 22-05-3101
  • Molex 22-12-2054

Ordering Information:


dspblok io-rtc


Realtime Clock & I/O

Part Number:

P/N: A.08050

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